ScoSax Music

In 2010 ScoSax incorporated Forever Timeless Music Publishing Company. This allows him the freedom to create music without constrictions. He is still mindful that with freedom comes the responsibility to uplift others. He records music in a variety of genres available for other artists, television ads and movies, and radio promotions. He is available to help with your next musical endeavor.

Forever Timeless Gospel

Forever Timeless Gospel is a project from the soul. Having God in my life is of utmost importance, so I continue to praise. In 2013, my first Forever Timeless Gospel production was a wonderful time of praise. “Guiding Light” is an original song from that project. Regardless of what type of music I make, my faults or my shortcomings as an individual, I will always make this music and praise my Creator.

Jazz (Street-Bop)

Street-Bop is influenced by the jazz greats I listened to in my younger years. Cannonball Adderly, Charlie Parker and Thelonius Monk had a profound influence on my listening ear. Miles Davis began exploring jazz with electronic sounds before he passed. This is the exploration that inspires me to create with freedom. Grooves, rhythm and funk is what I immerse  my music with for your enjoyment.

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