I decided for my first post I would talk about the importance of laughter and enjoying life. I an CEO of Forever Timeless Music, executive director of a non profit organization, leader of a brass band, have two studios, in production of a gospel album, a contemporary jazz album, perform regularly and take Tai Chi classes once a week. Sounds hectic, right? Well it could be. Once, a good friend of mine said” Scofield, how do you do all of that? That s*#t is inspirational!” It started me to thinking. How do I do it? I have discovered over the years. Regardless of what happens in a day, the sun sets at night and rises in the morning. I”m a natural rocket scienctist,huh? The point is nothing is going to change about what you need to do in life. Its all about how one goes about doing it. I could run around crazy getting a grocery list together and make groceries all tense and anxious and miserable. I could complete the same task laughing and joking all the way. Either way, getting groceries is getting done. Why not enjoy life as we go through it. We do have to go through it! When I first awake in the morning I awake and pray, then exercise. I never start my day doing tasks. First is God’s time. My time is next. Starting off the day with piece of mind can make all the difference in the attitude about life we bring to the day. Laughter releases tension and stress. Why not laugh. I know there is a time and a place to be serious. After that, remember to smile relax and enjoy. I made a short video clip of me “letting my hair down”. It is a spoof from a old Bruce Lee movie. Can anybody name the movie and the character I”m representing?

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