Who is ScoSax?

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ScoSax is a man that loves to create music that evokes emotion. No person is one dimensional and as a musician/artist, ScoSax creates music of several genres. In 2010 he created Forever Timeless Music. A professional and safe atmosphere for artist to create and record music. Whether you rap, sing or play instruments Forever Timeless Music can help you develop your talent.

ScoSax creates instrumental renditions of popular gospel songs, as well as producing original creations. Mixing street beats with a bebop sax has born the style Street-Bop. A style that embodies a blend of smooth yet vibrant melodies. He has played with many greats, including sharing the stage with the late great B.B. King!

ScoSax is also a music educator, teaching piano, saxophone and music theory in the Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.