Who is ScoSax?

I am ScoSax. A man that truly loves to create music that evokes emotion. I feel that no person is one dimensional and as a musician/artist. I can create in more than one genre with the different aspects of how I feel and how I am affected as a human being. In 2010, I created Forever Timeless Music publishing company for that exact purpose.

ScoSax creates instrumental renditions of popular gospel songs, as well as original creations. Mixing street beats with a bebop sax has born the style Street-Bop. A style that embodies a blend of smooth yet vibrant melodies. I have played with many greats. One of most memorable times was the opportunity to share the stage with the late great B.B. King!

Even though I am a pianist, the alto saxophone is one of my favorite instruments to play. It is the closest instrument representation to the human voice and I make mine sing, talk, and even rap!