The Music

ScoSax is one of the premier gospel saxophonists in South Louisiana. The upcoming Forever Timeless Gospel album and concert in the Baton Rouge area will happen Fall of 2018

The Journey

ScoSax explores new territories in jazz fusion. He has developed a style of play called Street-Bop (street beats with a bebop type sax). ScoSax makes his sax sing, talk and even rap! Currently, his second album Street-Bop II is available everywhere on the internet.

The Teachings

ScoSax also provides personal tutoring of piano and saxophone in the Greater Baton Rouge area, East Iberville and surrounding parishes.

The Vision

Love is wonderful. Love is beautiful. I love love. I may not be able to create love, but I can create an atmosphere in which it can grow. My ScoSax performance is filled with original love songs expressing passion, intensity and action. I am also a pianist. Nothing accompanies a ballad like a well played piano. Between love songs and a smooth jazz saxophone singing, I can create an enjoyable evening. ScoSax is available for parties of all sizes.

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