The Music

ScoSax is one of the premier saxophonists in South Louisiana. He is heavily influenced by Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly. He plays several genres of music, gospel, jazz and funk. His Street-Bop II album can be found on all streaming services. Hard copies are available on Amazon. He has a new project “Saudi Nights” that embodies smooth, sweet sax and captivating grooves.

The Journey

He explores new territories in jazz fusion. His style of play called Street-Bop, makes his sax sing, talk and even rap! On a quest to further refine his craft, he has developed theĀ  band 4th Dimension to enhance his sound to a remarkable dimension of feeling. He is also leader of the Sunrise Brass Band Family. This Baton Rouge based brass band brings the parade atmosphere anywhere with style and grace.

4th Dimension

ScoSax 4th Dimension bringsĀ  sound to an enhanced level of feeling for the listener. Each member has a unique and personal affinity for music. When they all join together, it is magical. They can even make a street corner in the winter get hot!

The Vision

Love is wonderful. Love is beautiful. To me music is Love. To be able to create a moment in time for people to feel beyond their personal space, to explore emotions at a deeper level is my wish for every performance. The ScoSax performance is filled with music expressing passion, intensity and action.

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